Total Watermark Software Portable Download

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Total Watermark is a tool for those who are enamored with the photographers try to add a watermark through the (watermark) to protect your pictures. With simple features and easy to use, you can turn your photos the way you wanted just a glance.
For more photos, adding watermarks (watermark) is essential because it can help protect your photos from the piracy situation. Total Watermark will help you put your personal stamp to confirm and turn your photos become unique.
Thanks to features EXIF ​​data handling and IPTC, Total Watermark lets you apply a discretionary different watermark types, from simple to complex. Thereby, processing effects such as color, lines, gradients ... are integrated programs and demonstrate a clear and specific way.
With Total Watermark you can build yourself a separate fund for watermark logo without the effort of repeating the operation on the image. In addition, the program also helps you to intervene on the picture as most image editing programs such popular SAI, Photoshop ...
Total Watermark helps you customize the display of the image by changing the name, format, or variations photograph your liking. It can be said, this program has brought the maximum comfort for amateur photographers and professional photographers.
Total Watermark Software Portable Download
Total Watermark Software Portable Download
The main features of Total Watermark:
  •    Lets add watermarks (watermark) to photograph the user's liking.
  •    Male supported by data processing features EXIF ​​and IPTC.
  •    Integrating design watermark watermark and storage on demand.
  •    Allows intervention on the content of photos, such as photo editing, cropping ...
  •    Lets rename photos, change the display, adjust the format, size ...

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