Reducing the Android CPU clock to save battery

Reduced Android CPU clock is one way to reduce battery consumption on Android phones, said in general, all the equipment used to reduce CPU clock will certainly reduce the power consumption. The biggest disadvantage of mobile devices is limited by the amount of time using a relatively small battery. Very painful to phone you always have to be plugged into the projector charging, make sure the battery as soon as the concrete cylinders and one fine day it will leave. There are some paid applications, but also for its free application to do that.
It is important that your phone must have been Root .
Reducing the Android CPU clock  to save battery
Reducing the Android CPU clock  to save battery

Why should increase or decrease the CPU clock for Android phones:

  • When the phone is in sleep mode, you do not use -> reduced the maximum CPU clock to help take the most battery
  • When you want to play the game requires high configuration -> increase the CPU clock, the game smoother (more power)
  • You want the option increase or decrease according to their own CPU clock.

There are close to 20 clock mode of Android (also known as the Governor), but here I will introduce 5 most common mode:
1. OnDemand:
Being the most intelligent mode, in which the CPU will gradually adjust their clocks according to the system requirements, if your heavy gaming or need powerful processor, it will gradually increase to a maximum after completion, it will slowly lows.
In case the phone is in sleep mode, it will reduce to a minimum pulse.
2. Interactive:
This can be considered as an OnDemand mode smarter than, so it handles the operation smoother but more battery power. Interactive is designed for latency sensitive and handle the workload type of interaction. 
Instead of a decision process with the maximum frequency as soon as the Interactive OnDemand decide how to scale up the CPU to processing operations. 3. Userspace: Instead of automatically determine the CPU frequency, it allows users to install 4. Powersave: Save up, it will fall to the lowest CPU clock, of course, the battery will super buffalo and application is running slow even worse (for the doctor away, but coming out of battery) 5. Performance: Always try to handle the job at the highest CPU frequency may be, it is extremely battery power and heat generation. Limit use it if not absolutely necessary.

Depending on your goals, but you can choose accordingly.

How to install How?

Step 2. Select the mode you want in the Select Governor.
  • Select CPU Frequency: Clock at normal (up to moderate)
  • MAX CPU Frequency: Heartbeat time activity (high order bit, to the maximum will be very strong but hot and not good for the plant)
  • CPU frequency Min: Heartbeat time use less, to a minimum
Step 3. To check the current mode, then click the Check
Reducing the Android CPU clock  to save battery
Reducing the Android CPU clock  to save battery
After choosing your next press SET button. So can preview how the device runs already.
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