Malware Hunter Portable Download

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Malware Hunter Portable Download
Malware Hunter Portable Download

Malware Hunter Portable Download​
Hunter Malware is designed to identify and remove malicious files and components on your computer, keep your computer from viruses and other exemptions other threats.
 Customize quick and full scan 
• After when you start, you will see a simple interface, clear and accessible option. Malware Hunter does not monitor your computer in real time, but it allows you to quickly scan, full scan or custom. So you can use it to analyze certain locations or files you suspect is infected. 
• Depending on your choice and the size of the target position, scanning tools can take many time or less time. In Full mode or Quick, the objective of Hunter Malware scan the computer field can have the presence of malware, such as startups, the normal application of the system or registry. After the scan is complete, will show a short overview where you can check the number of issues to be resolved and the infected file, and scan time. Support is always compressed file. 
Create whitelists and blacklists
 • For your convenience, Malware Hunter is configured to add a new item in the context menu of the computer to enable rapid file scanning. 
• To reduce scan time, can give you to create a list called "Trust and block". With this list will contain the location of the files you want to exclude Hunter Malware to scan or auto-stop. 
Keep your computer from viruses unstained 
Malware Hunter aims to provide an easy to use powerful tools such as computer security is concerned. It offers fast scanning speed and automatically update the virus database, therefore, can handle the latest threats at all times. 
• But real-time scanning is not available, so you do not should use to replace a permanent anti-virus solution.
• Scans.Super-fast scan, detect and remove stubborn malware, potentially dangerous fight. 
• Automatic updates provide protection for your computer is updated and secure. 
• Process protection . The process of protecting our security can work for your computer. FreewareWindows 10, 8, 7, 2000, XP, Vista - 32 / 64bit. 

Malware Hunter (142.90 MB)

Malware Hunter Portable Download

Malware Hunter Portable Download (141 MB) 

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