Guide compress files with WinRAR smallest

The compressed file is very important and the fact that, especially when we have many files you want for them into one single file for easy sharing via email, or to store intenet. Often if we copied to the drive, USB or uploaded onto the internet, for obvious when compressed into one file and then will be much faster as compared to multiple files, so how the smallest file compression is essential . Now I will guide you to those unknown to the general public can be done easily.

Smallest file compression is how much?

This is absolutely no exact figures, but you can see through the compression ratio parameter called thecompression ratio . The lower this ratio, the more capacity reduction, we simply understand% this is the percentage of capacity after completion will be compressed.
Guide compress files with WinRAR smallest
Guide compress files with WinRAR smallest
Often these images, film, music, uncompressed files by optimization software will be greatly reduced. Or the same file structure, it will compress better. The compressed or has been optimized, it will fall less, for example, .jpg, with this format you should use image compression method in   image compression Guide series for small volume and quality .

Compressing the smallest file?

First of all, if you do not have computer software WinRAR, then you can download and install
Step 1: Right-click the selected file, folder or file to compress, choose Add to archive ..
Guide compress files with WinRAR smallest
Step 2: In the options, click Browser to select the area to store files and compress the file name will be saved.
Step 3: The Compression method we choose Best
Click OK and wait, like I said, you observe the  compression ratio, % Finer much compression. Some formats can compress as much as the image is scanned image, .raw, .bmp ... Some audio formats such as wmv, the uncompressed audio category .... Some may be less strong compression as .doc, documents, pdf usual, .jpg, .rar, the installation files ....
Good luck !

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