GoldWave 6.22 Portable Download

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GoldWave 6.22 Portable Download
GoldWave 6.22 Portable Download
GoldWave 6.22 Portable Download

GoldWave has made ​​a name in the field of professional audio editing for the past two decades for all the reasons most accurate - a set of editing features, functions as excellent audio clarity, graphics great waveforms, and simple to use. Its intuitive interface in a perfect package of the most comprehensive portfolio of strengthening, clear, and editing tools available. Edit digital audio in the years before khia is a operation is performed only for professionals. Since this type of software can be expensive, but also very difficult to understand the interest information for beginners. Not to mention the large number of system resources required by application type. But that time has passed and technology development, sound editing has become something for everyone and dedicated programs continue to be launched. However, a lot of them do not have the functionality required by most users are still not enough to work seamlessly. However, there are applications that have all a user may need and one of them is GoldWave
This is a sound editing tool that can manipulate an audio file in any way possible, to help users create the perfect sound. Although known as an editing tool senior, GoldWave also allows you to record any sound on your computer goes through its sound card. You can open the different sound files at once and see a graph like high-quality waveform. Then you can choose the section - with an accuracy of a tenth of a millisecond! 
- These files to create a new one or to mix them, or to append to anywhere else in the file, or anything for any other editing operations you can think of. thanks to the combination of recording and editing features, GoldWave widely used in it switches to Analog conversion of digital audio.
 The program provides custom settings to help you remove any unwanted items t in analog sources. The astonishing results - screen digital express clearly without damaging the original sound in any way. List of effects, filters, and other functions Enhanced presented in GoldWave is simply too long to list here. The possibilities are endless, and they range from the most basic - the most sophisticated ones, using mathematical equations to perform the most amazing sound. 
* Graphic great waveform.
 * Online objective and easy to use.
 * includes many professional features noise reduction. 
* Excellent for transferring analog doit into digital audio. 
* a series of filters and effects. 
* Supports all formats audio file formats are the most popular. GoldWave is appreciated editor digital audio professional. It is fully loaded to do everything from simple recording and editing to handle the most sophisticated sound restoration, improvement and transformation. It is easy to learn and use. GoldWave is ideal for people who work with audio for CD editing, data restoration, speech analysis, radio and TV, Java and Web pages, games, or just for fun. You can use it to make everything from the answering machine messages for content integrated professional, high quality audio CD.Playing all your favorite songs and view pictures real time. 
Listening to audio while rewinding or fast forwarding. Changing the playback speed to hear your music in a whole new way.Record every source that your computer supports, including microphone, line-in, etc. Use the timer to start recording on a certain day and time ...  
Main Features: 
• Multiple Document Interface for working with multiple files 
• Editing of large files: 4GB and beyond (NTFS only) 
• Configuring the RAM or hard drive editing 
• high quality: 24 bit, 192kHz 
• real-time visuals: bar, waveform, spectrogram, spectrum, level meter, ... ...
 • Editorial fast and non-destructive.Cut, copy, delete, and undo take only a fraction of a second, regardless of the file size 
• Multiple undo levels 
• Many effects: distortion, doppler, echo, filter, mechanize, offset, pan, volume shaping , invert, resample, equalizer, time warp, pitch, reverb, volume matcher, channel mixer,. 
• Preview effects 
• audio restoration filters 
• supported file formats: wav, mp3, ogg, aiff, au, vox, mat, snd, voc, FLAC, binary data, text data, and more 
• File format plug-ins for the next generation of audio compression, such as WMA and MP4 / M4A
 • and many other features System Requirements Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10 (64 bit and 32 bit)

GoldWave 6.22 Portable Download
                                      GoldWave 6.22 Portable Download
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