FlashFXP v5.0.0.3795 Portable Download

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FlashFXP is a tool to transfer files via FTP protocol. The software has an intuitive interface, even if a person does not understand the technology also can be used easily. In addition to file transfer via FTP, this tool also supports security protocols using SFTP (SSH or Secure Shell), FTPS (Secure Socket Layer (SSL) over FTP) and support a seamless one-time password.
Also, this software also gives users more features, including support for multiple layers of firewalls and proxies, limit speed, search for the file on the server, edit remote automatic or manual adjustments , scheduled automatic file transfer BOA email, transfer rules, support the priority list, the user interface can be customized, ...
FlashFXP v5.0.0.3795 Portable Download
FlashFXP v5.0.0.3795 Portable Download

The main features of FlashFXP:
  • Rapid file transfer using the FTP protocol
  • Immediately file compression (MODE Z)
  • Load and speed limit sign
  • Support for FEAT and fast directory listing reduces costs and improves contrast cache directory thich.Luu remote server (Remote Server)
  • Improved performance when transferring many small files
  • Connect with FTP client
  • Connect with FTPS client
  • Connect with SFTP client
  • Support transfer mode active and passive

Pass decompression: svnteam
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