Android rooting simple guide

Android rooting guide is very simple types, only one click is done root your Android phone. Why root and plant and root for?
Root machines sort we can add a number of features and the right to use something like:
  • Customizable deep into the operating system, system interference in the region -> View: Save battery by freezing applications with Android Greenify
  • Running the software requires root (admin rights required)
  • rather recovery
  • Up rom cook
  • Overclocking, reduced pulse
  • Remove excess software
There are ways to root the machine, before you yourself have noticed some one dozen software root user to step around, so lucky to have software all in one Kingo Root. Kingo root root Android software is the best free, supports almost all Android phones and versions of it.

Guide rooting Android kinds

Step 1: You need to prepare for what follows to be able to root.
  • Kingo Android Root software. Download and install here
  • Driver for your phone
  • Phone with battery> 80%
With the driver, you can find and download from here, depending on your machine you choose to download and install the offline case
Update: ~~ KingoRoot can manually install the drivers for your device! if not, then you download manually get you down
Google Nexus
Alcatel One Touch
Step 2:
Enable  USB Debugging
You can refer to how to turn it  here
Step 3.
Connect the cable from the phone to the computer and wait software will identify the device, it will display the information on your phone. Have root or not, as shown below your phone is Sony LT29i and not root status.
Android rooting simple guide
Android rooting simple guide
Step 4. First Root and wait for the results, note that you need the internet to download the software components needed.
Completion time can take from 2-4p depending on machine type. While you can root the coffee cups sat waiting.
Step 5.
Android rooting simple guide
If an error or failed or failed, you can do from the beginning, your machine is not affected at all. Your phone will restart and basically finished. But as shown above is a success, you can open the phone out to check and dabble bar.
If the phone asks permission to super user, then you accept offline.
You can remove the root, that is return the computer to a previous state when the root, to do so, we attached the device to the computer and software turned up, click Remove Root.
To the root of it, we can choose Root Again.
Android rooting simple guide
This software is very handy and great to be able to root android phone, its only drawback is supported only run on Windows operating system, make sure it will make versions on other operating systems. I wish you success and have any questions please comment here offline.
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