What is MMO? Ways to check the most popular money online - Part 1
I. What is MMO?

Surely when learning about making money online, you often hear many people mention the word MMO, so what is MMO? Actually this is the English acronym of Make Money Online translation means to make money online / make money online. Many call Box "Fumbling Online"
II. The basic way to make money online and the most popular:
In fact, there are many different ways to make money online. However the most popular with the following:
1. PTC - Earn money by clicking ads:
PTC stands for Paid to click, meaning you will get paid when click on ads provided by PTC sites, the price paid per view advertising is from 0.001 - 0.01 USD, depending on the ad format and advertising time on-demand viewing. Advertising can be a video or a certain website.
Sure you'll wonder for very measly amount paid is never like that are floating 1 USD. In fact, to earn more with PTC form, you will have to upgrade to a premium membership, then rent or introduce additional member (Often called a ref) depending on the level you will be increasing the amount received when ads and click on commission from the ref.
An objective review, PTC as a multi-level network, the more registered through your introduction, you will have the opportunity to get more
However my advice you should not make money in this form, is very positive, but not getting much! Not to mention the mushrooming PTC sites, you will difficult to choose reputable sites, fruit is easily fooled. Previously I also played through the pages as Probux, Neobux ... and also have some limited success. But the decision to quit because every day must be logged in to click an ad, then hire Ref very complex calculation, reference is generally said only
2. PTU - Make money by Upload
PTU stands for Paid To Upload, with this method you will upload documents, software, movies, all kinds keygen ... when someone in your links, and subscription / upgrade to a premium membership , you will earn a commission.
This way is also okay to make money, but requires you to take a long time to upload the file selectively, with a strong Internet connection to upload to fast, then have to go spread, promote accompanying article links, as well is time-consuming, not to mention the legal problems when posting software, pirated movies ...
3. Paid Survey - Earn money with online surveys:
Some sites will offer you the survey is based on information when you register, every time you complete the survey, you will receive money, depending on the length of the survey. In Vietnam, you can try over two sites are:
The reward for your phone card will be loaded directly into your phone numbers or cash, survey generally takes 5-15 minutes to complete, is worth checking out, said
4. shortlink - Make money by shortened link
When walking out there, make sure you will find some links are shortened form long, bit.ly/achwb or goo.gl/ssyoal... some links will be displayed when clicking on the landing page, some other link catching ad you must wait for 5, or 10 seconds. These ads will bring the created link a small sum, the more people click on the link, the more money
Similarly PTC, with shortlink you earn commissions from the members you refer. This approach is fine for you or share software applications. Instead of offering a direct link make your shortened link and share. Especially if people click in countries like the US or Europe, the amount you receive will not small
Now I'm using Adf.ly also to make money, every month there is a passive income of about $ 20-50. If interested you can go to the homepage to register Adf.ly. Or read through the following article for instructions to register an account at Adf.ly
5. Make money by typing Captcha:
This is also a way to make money for those you're free, some sites will take pictures contains the digits / letters / phrase ..., your task is to retype the digits / letters, each the completion of the first picture, you will have some money. Type in as much as there are many potential.advantages of this way to make money is simple, without much skill, its drawback is not much money, and your typing abilities relative to a little
6. Paid for searching - Make money by searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo
With this method, you will have to search for the given keyword, click on the website at the request, leaving the site in a certain time period, when satisfactory, an amount will be added to your account . When sufficient minimum you will have the right to withdraw or draw directly on the Paypal bank
7. Review - Make money by writing a comment:
To promote the product, creating campaigns seeding some vendors will need to comment on that product, and the best way is to pay for the remarks, this form is not common in Vietnam, if your English skills ok, can try out by searching Google with the phrase "Review paid"

8. Make money by share declines Hosting / Domain
With people who have web situation, the current home site, domain name and hosting needs also from that increase, but who also want to buy the domain and hosting at affordable prices, but their quality is ok, special with possible special promotions, targeting the needs that providers domain / hosting often launched losers. You will easily be in the pages of this but as chiasecoupon, magiamgia, amcoupon ....
Accompanied by the launch of losers, suppliers also have programs that pay commissions to those who introduce new members and the new member complete an order any. The money earned from the introduction can be $ 10 or even 50 to 100 dollars.
Such as domain.com with the promotion page for the domain and hosting the following
Monetize Domain and hosting
List some regular site promotion and policy commissions when people buy products introduced
9. Make money by Product Launch
With this money, you must be able to write, and flattering introduction, bonus gifts even when someone buys a product, people will see through your referral link and buy the product.
Products here can be online courses, wordpress plugin, software, ebook ...
Now I do not have time to write much about this array, you can search google for "Product Launch" for more details
The advantage of this is how to make money earnings are very pretty, but requires you to have the English skills to write articles as well as terrible gifts ready to encourage readers to buy the product through your link
10. Make money by placing Google Adsense ads (GA Content)
If you have a blog or a website with high traffic, do not hesitate to register at http://google.com/adsense google Adsense, after registration and approved by Google, you will have the right to create code ads and set up websites, each time someone clicks the ad and web view, you get a sum of money, depending on the amount that advertisers bid.
In fact this is a very effective way to earn money, especially if your readers access from countries like the US or Europe. Cost per click can be up to some $
Ads by Google providing diverse, eye-catching, from small size such as 320 x 300 x 90 to 600, automatically displayed based on the areas in which the user or search, so likely to receive clicks high mouse.
But signing up for Google Adsense was very cumbersome, if not downright difficult. Not to mention owning a high-traffic websites, rich articles ... daunting for beginners.
When I get the chance I will share detailed registration process, as well as experience, tips for successful registration Google Adsense. And sent to you in another article!
11. Make Money From Youtube (GA Hosted)
A different form of money from Google is uploading videos to Youtube.com -> Enable ad -> Viewers click your ad, you get money.
This way Content GA simpler, but requires you to have the video sources or, preferably homemade, to avoid copyright issues. Not to mention having to SEO for top new videos easy money
Also traffic (traffic sources) is also very important, each click from Vietnam is only about 0.01 to 0.5 dollars, but if the traffic comes from the US (United States) or EU (Europe) cost per click can be USD 1-5 . Just one day you have 100 clicks, might receive hundreds of dollars.
This article only lists anonymous form of money, so I will share details on how to earn money in another article.
12. Make money from selling T-shirts and Teespring Sunfrog
In foreign countries, especially Western countries, they would love to wear T-shirts, how to make money based on that preference. You only need to register an account at Sunfrog or Teespring AFFILIATE. Then insert your member code on any product on the homepage.When people buy through the link (with your member code, like this: http://www.sunfrogshirts.com/scratch-cat.html? Ma-bar-vien ) you will be paid a commission for goods application.
Seemingly simple, but access customers need to buy is not simple at all, sometimes you will have to invest money advertising through Facebook Ads, or Google Adsword. Or you can create a website that sells T-shirts, the top SEO for keywords such hot (T-shirt, Men t-shirts, ...) and then insert links to your site purchases Sunfrog. This will cost you a lot of time and effort ...
However, if you have the ability to design, simpler template you just created a shirt. Send it to Sunfrog, they will put their products on the website. If someone bought you will receive commissions
Famous sites:
13. Online Forex Trading
This approach is similar to the type of temporary understand currency trading, you buy or sell currencies like dollars, yen, yuan ... with real money, based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase and sale to eat the difference. This hidden risks, it is best to have knowledge of the exchange rate, market forecasts, its stock ... This should not learn skills through permission not presented many
A small branch of Forex Binary Option trading is, how to make money simpler, like betting so.You can bet the exchange rate of a currency with a certain currency (eg the Japanese yen the dollar), set the time (eg 5 minutes) and your anticipated (increase or decrease). If your timeline, you predict correctly, you'll have some money, usually 80-90% of the money bet
14. Betting - Make Money based on sports betting / gambling online
* This form should not participate. This article only lists their nature alone introduced, as in Vietnam, is listed betting form of gambling, so you can face legal problems.

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