Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Full ISO Download

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Ubuntu is an open source operating system for free great on desktops, laptops and servers. Support lifecycle of 16:04 Ubuntu LTS version 2016 is now the latest 5 years.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Full ISO Download
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Full ISO Download
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Full ISO Download

Download Ubuntu LTS 16:04 Latest Full ISO 2016 - a free operating system for computers

Thanks to the friendly and easier to use than Windows, especially with sophisticated graphical user interface, the breakthrough is perfect, no frills, easy to customize the look you want.

Operating performance of Ubuntu on your computer is very light but do not spend a lot of computing resources such as Windows, run smoother, quieter operation, loade speed, drivers automatically receive almost 98% of all the drivers and other one you must be updated manually by hand.
Ubuntu is available by default office applications are fully free, you do not need to install additional applications other office stationery.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Full ISO Download

About viruses on Ubuntu is very difficult infection to Windows and therefore you do not have to worry about viruses on ubuntu, there is no need to support any other antivirus software on the Ubuntu operating system.
If you are a Windows user, such as game enthusiasts do not have that dream to the world of Ubuntu operating system, since very few game developers support Ubuntu. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Full ISO is suitable only for office work offlie, programming, splash bar, exploring experience, web surfing, watching movies, listening to music, gaming web ...

Requirements Ubuntu LTS 1604:
CPU: dual core 2 GHz minimum or higher.
RAM: 2GB or more.
25GB blank partition installing Ubuntu.
Read Optical Drive DVD / CD, USB port to install from disk or USB, the external hard drive device.
The computer needs to have an internet connection to update, download the installation software.

16.04 Ubuntu LTS ISO download link here
LTS version of Ubuntu 16.04
Official Release: April 21, 2016
Use: Free
Supports up to 5 years from April 2016.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Full ISO Download

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Full ISO Download Link 32 and 64 bit:

Link download 4share: 


Download ubuntu-16.04-desktop-i386.iso (x32-bit)
Download ubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso (x64-bit)

Link  torrent

83a60e1cc28068534b3e4f2f2c9881bb32cbfb74 *ubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso
c83771554a470f1a79dfd1792856b857b6020f4f *ubuntu-16.04-desktop-i386.iso 
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