Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security/Total Security 2016 (Beta + Trial Reset)

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Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security/Total Security 2016 (Beta + Trial Reset)
Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security/Total Security 2016 (Beta + Trial Reset)

Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security/Total Security 2016 (Beta + Trial Reset)
Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016 is an anti-virus protection software, which effectivelly protect your computer from malware. Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 keeps your computer safe from all types of viruses and other Internet threats. It is a complete security solution that rigorously protects your files and your identity from cyber crime and attacks the latest malware. Kaspersky Total Security 2016 Multi-Device (replacing Kaspersky PURE) offer absolute security for computers and mobile devices. It protects privacy, money, identity, image, file and your family against Internet threats, cybercriminals and malware - so no technical aspects of security your Digital let the opportunity.

Detection of new threats, emerging and unknown
The cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network gathers data from millions of participating users' systems around the world ... to help protect against the latest viruses and other malicious software attacks two. Potential threats are monitored and analyzed - in real time - and dangerous act completely blocked before they can cause any harm.

Identifying suspicious websites and phishing websites
Anti-phishing technology advanced proactive detection of phishing URLs and use real-time information from the cloud, to help ensure you are not being cheated reveal your valuable data to phishing websites . Our URL Advisor also adds color-coded tags to all web links - to advise you of the danger level of the link and subsequent pages.

Providing greater security for online shopping and banking
Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 has always included the additional layer of security helps to keep your information safe online transactions. Now, with the advent of technology's unique Safe Money us, you benefit from the protection is even greater. Safe Money automatically checks that the website you are visiting is secure - and it also offers to open the site in a regime of special protection ... to help keep credit card numbers and personal data your other workers safe from cyber thieves.

Protect your privacy and digital identity your
Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 offers a range of technologies to protect your privacy and your identity - including two unique security features to enter personal information online:

* Secure Keyboard is a new Kaspersky technology automatically activated whenever you open a bank website or payment website - or you enter the password for any site - to ensure that the information you enter using your physical keyboard can not be accessed by keyloggers

* For the protection of our final, improved features of Kaspersky virtual keyboard allows you to use mouse-clicks to enter your banking information - so that keystrokes can not be monitored or stolen by keyloggers, hackers or identity thieves

Keep your children safe and responsible
Protection features award-winning family help you keep your children safe and also give you greater control over the access of your children with computers, the Internet, applications, games and websites. You can block, limit or log Instant Messaging and social networking media for your children - and prevent the transfer of personal data, such as phone or credit card numbers.

Prevent malware from exploiting vulnerabilities in your computer
If your PC has application or system vulnerabilities that have not been updated with the latest fixes, criminals and malware on the network can gain entry. In addition to scanning for vulnerabilities, Kaspersky 2016 analyzes and controls the actions of programs that have vulnerabilities - so they can not cause any harm.

Download and install the automatic feature - saving you time and effort
Install now require very little manual steps. When you first download the product from our website, it will automatically check for the latest product version - cleanses existing malware, if necessary - and then start the installation land.

Compatible with Windows 8.1
Kaspersky 2016 is fully compatible with the latest operating system of Microsoft - Windows 8.1 - and is integrated with IT security initiatives latest Microsoft. In addition, Kaspersky now - a new application has been developed to support the new user interface of Microsoft - allows you to monitor the security status of the computer and restart the important security features.

Kaspersky Total Security 2016 includes:
• Anti-malware
• safety checking
• Automatic Exploit Prevention
• FREE, automatic updates
• more secure network
• System Watcher and Anti-Blocker
• Application Control
• Network Attacks Blocker
• Anti-Banner
• Anti-Spam
• Anti-Phishing
• Secure Web
• Secure Keyboard
• Virtual Keyboard
• Protect Privacy
• Safe Money
• Password Manager
• Backup, encryption and File Shredder
• Online Backup
• Parental Control
• Multi-Device Security
• Anti-Theft
• Simplified Management security focus
• Security Optimized for performance
• Gamer Mode
• Technical assistance
• Support thuatNgon spoken: English

What's New:
Update: the official website does not provide any information about the changes in this version

Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security/Total Security 2016 (Beta + Trial Reset)

Instructions: In order to avoid the use of key block being reset, use trail is one optimal choice, just one click to 90 days of use.
1) Install the program.

2) Off Self-Defense
Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security/Total Security 2016 (Beta + Trial Reset)
3) Run KRT_5.0.0.99_beta.exe files contained in attachments.

Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security/Total Security 2016 (Beta + Trial Reset)

Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security/Total Security 2016 (Beta + Trial Reset)
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