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VI century - beginning of the fifth century BC, Persia became a vast empire, stretching from northwestern India, through Persia, Mesopotamia to Egypt and Asia Minor coast. Pretext Athenian help against his Miletus. In 480 BC, King Xerxes's First Persian Empire mobilized more than 2 million troops invaded Greece. The Greek city-states unanimously committed against the military forces of the enemy multiply east, meanwhile, Sparta - the most powerful city-states militarily, assumes the responsibilities of the defense. Enlist the Persians at scattered forces, the Egyptians at that time was a vassal state under rebel and to escape the dominance of Xerxes.
 Game Ancient Wars Sparta Full Crack Download

 Game Ancient Wars Sparta Full Crack Download
 Game Ancient Wars Sparta Full Crack Download

The game takes place in the screen sequentially as follows: build sophisticated, earn enough resources, build houses, build troops and go fight. If set arbitrary ability to equip each unit, or the naval battle interesting aside is almost the fighting in Ancient Wars: Sparta really no point yet new. In fact, the diversity mentioned above quickly shrouded game so poorly in terms of tactics. Almost no way other than to build lots of military and towed attack the enemy in a "throwing bodies" that every military victory east. The game has provided some samples of the squad, but the team lacks the Spartans famous Phalanx. 


In the game, players control one of three factions: Sparta, Persia (Persian Empire) and Egypt (Who Pair). If you take the road side Sparta's King Leonidas war against foreign invaders, it is the years of the Persian invasion of the Persian Empire. Named in the list but the Egyptian side's play quite tarnished by this stage, Egypt also shadow under the Persian Empire in the name of vassals. The famous characters in history to appear at the beginning, such as Leonidas, King of Sparta. 

Each faction in the game are the strengths, weaknesses and the military units unique and transport their war is also slightly different, but the overall feel is their strength is comparable. For example, famous Persian Empire with war elephants, Egypt possesses a special machine called shot, and warlike Sparta infantry. Or points that each unit can be equipped with different types of weapons, can be used just as necessary, such as skewers soldier can draw workers out of the airport. More practically, the machines need to be manned, the new activities, such as car catapult required pulling soldiers, horses, chariots manned need. Another interesting point is the wind will affect the strength of ranged combat units. In addition the game also provides more features on the way to setting traps wreak havoc on the enemy but this feature is not effective with a machine that applies only when the mind games with other players. 

Build and collected 

way play Ancient Wars: Sparta show style traditional tactic: farmers regard the control and management of natural resources as the main. The game offers three factions, but basically the gameplay of this faction is almost no difference. The work of each faction are the same or maybe change their names and a bit different features. For example, gold mining features: the Spartans build mines while the Egyptians then sit back incentives. 

The game has all three basic resource is food, wood and gold. They are used in all activities of the state, from building construction to scientific research. Naturally, the most precious resource is gold. On each map exists only a certain amount of gold, and gold decides everything. Therefore, if the effective use or lose a soldier unit in a war, the restoration of forces is impossible if the player all the gold. This means that all tasks in Sparta must be carried out step by step and can not be completed in a short period of time. Forcing players to wait until a sufficient number of workers to exploit the gold needed to scientists conducting technical studies necessary for the state. In the meantime, players can build defensive structures such as walls, pitfalls. 

Marine war 

Marine war in Ancient Wars: Sparta is more complex than other strategy games, because players can decide the composition of the crew. Still according to the real factors above, the player can equip the military ships appropriate amounts to promote efficiency while fighting. Soldiers on boats longer capable of launching a boat trailer enemy close to melee. The victor will capture enemy ships. Another difference is that a player can design the combat units. So, instead of just building the barracks and established religious groups use soldiers, players can create units that use these weapons scientists created. Additionally players can equip soldiers weapon and a weapon basic support, such as a shield but eats pretty much back to construction costs. 

Graphics and sound 

3D graphics of the Ancient Wars: Sparta overall looks quite stunning with beautiful effects, to beyond the audio portion of the game boring, although it looks nothing like the scene in most strategy games other. You will see the images in a true and lively, such as snakes slithering on the ground, each slave hustle delegation working on the construction site or the elephant to pull logs each. The sea wars also looks great, with a silhouette of boats, soldiers, spears, bows and arrows were honestly reflected in the water. King Leonidas hear voice deep and very real. In these battles, players could hear the collision between two or three swords, the cries of the wounded or dead.

 Game Ancient Wars Sparta Full Crack Download

 Game Ancient Wars Sparta Full Crack Download

 Game Ancient Wars Sparta Full Crack Download

 Game Ancient Wars Sparta Full Crack Download

 Game Ancient Wars Sparta Full Crack Download

 Game Ancient Wars Sparta Full Crack Download

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