Free Find And Replace Tools Download

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Find and Replace Tool (fnr.exe) is a free software, there is a search function and replace text content in a text file, source code, web, programming source code ... or any other file that internal text content inside. You take the same  warehouse computer tips point through a few things about this software offline.
Free Find And Replace Tools Download
Free Find And Replace Tools Download
Free Find And Replace Tools Download

This tool is used as a portable software - ie no installation required, just download and double click to run the software, the future use is similar, the main function of the program is to help you fix the text is wrong, is unexpected by replacing it with another text, or remove them.
Specifically, you can search and replace on multiple files in the same folder, even subdirectories. We save time in case of memory contents and folders but do not remember the file name, or to manipulate multiple files simultaneously.
Download this software at the following address:
Using relatively simple:
  • Under  Dir , you specify the path to the folder containing the files need to be amended
  • If you want to include subfolders always, please check the item  Include sub-directories .
  • Section  File Mask  for you to specify the file type identifies the program (eg *. * To select all files, * .html to select the files ending in .html).
  • Conversely item  Exclude Mask  for you to specify the types of files that the program will be ignored (for example: * .exe, .dll *).
  • At Section  Find , enter the text you want to search.
  • In section  Replace  type the text you want to replace. After entering full, please click Replace  to conduct treatment program.
  • Without peace of mind you can click  the Find Only  to preview content files looking
See illustration:
Find and replace van selling series fnr.exe
Some salient features: 
  • A single file is not cumbersome installation complexity (fnr.exe)
  • Replaced in batches through an intuitive interface or command line interface (command line)
  • Only the Find function allows to find not only alternative (to avoid the risk of confusion)
  • Find in one folder or including subfolders
  • Exclude or specify the file format to scan (save time)
  • Support to find and replace text from multiple lines
  • Provide the path and file preview window Looking snippets.
  • Create files using the command line to run the next time the information from the report.
  • Software lightweight, fast data processing.
  • Works fine on  computers running win  xp, win 7, win 8 / 8.1
Some drawbacks:
  • Part of content to search or enter text to replace too little, confined within a certain character
  • Has less functionality not meet some other needs.
  • Manipulating small window, letters close together slightly difficult to read.
  • Command line functions somewhat superfluous.
  • Almost impossible to add new version since 1 year.

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