Wing FTP Server 3.9 Full Crack Download

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Wing FTP server 3.9 management software is extremely efficient file transfer especially for the agencies and units exchanging data with multiple, continuous user authentication.
Supports many different protocols like FTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL), HTTP, HTTPS, and SFTP (FTP over SSH). Ftp access under Windows, the software company, visit the web portal from 8090 (default)
Wing FTP Server 3.9 Full Crack Download  
Wing FTP Server 3.9 Full Crack Download
Wing FTP Server 3.9 Full Crack Download  

Managing server anytime, anywhere. http: // ftp server addresses: 5466
Access files anytime, anywhere with SSL security protocol, the number of users up to thousands of users.
Management, user permissions extremely professional: the right to create, edit, delete arbitrary files folder, ip access limits, unlimited bandwidth, upload capacity for each user, group.

Management support system according to the domain, and run multiple domains on one server.
Management of Domain database based on one of these ways: retrieving data on XML files, databases from ODBC, or Mysql database, LDAP, and Windows (NTLM or Active Directory). When running on a new ODBC support Mysql or manage user sorted by fields such as: number of times login into the system, or storage download upload quota limit. Create a database with the same name is ok you can manage users using SQL statements.Wing FTP Server 3.9

Provide a variety API can be called in Lua Script.
Allows map the virtual directory to the directory of your choice physics arbitrary name
Provides the ability to monitor FTP server in real time. You can monitor each user connected via server and collecting detailed information about them.
Each user can be assigned drive quota, ratio and bandwidth.
Can define custom logo for each domain.
Support 13 languages ​​- English, French, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, ...
This can be done zip / unzip files directly on the server for both the Web Client and FTP Client.
The chart can report traffic for your domain in about 5 minutes, 5 hours or 10 days.
Faster transmission of data through data compression.Wing FTP Server 3.9

Multiple mechanisms are implemented to increase account security.
Choice and who can not connect to your server (level user account or server).
Automatically detect and block connections to the intention to avoid being attacked.
Manage system and network resource efficiency system.
Expand commands and messages in the FTP server and customize it according to your needs.
Planning to use the bandwidth for days, weeks, or months.
Lets set the expiration date for these accounts.

Wing FTP Server 3.9 Full Crack Download  

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