Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Full Key Download

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  Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Full Key Download

 Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Full Key Download
  Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Full Key Download

Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 represents Microsoft's vision for client applications by enabling the software developers can rapidly create connected applications with high quality and style of the user experience extra. With Visual Studio 2008, organizations will find it easier than previous versions of the capture and analysis of data, which means they can come up with effective decisions on the job. Visual Studio 2008 enables any organization to quickly create reliable applications, with the ability to manage and safer to utilize Windows Vista ™ and the 2007 Office system.

Visual Studio 2008 launches of the main advantages for software development professionals presented in three main areas:
Improved production
Manage application development cycle
Deploying the latest technologies

In this document we will show you some different comments from customers regarding 3 domains through 7 range of different technologies.

Development of smart client applications

Visual Studio 2008 introduces many new and easy way for software developers to build smart client by providing a comprehensive set of tools and classes to simplify the integration of client smart web applications are a new or existing, and by managing the data stored internally for the script was disconnected.

Create Microsoft Office applications

Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) is now fully integrated into Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition. Visual Studio enables software developers can customize applications such as Outlook® and PowerPoint® Office to improve user productivity and simplify deployment.

Build Windows Vista applications

Software developers will easily push the new platform technologies, and deliver more compelling applications to their customers, bangviec easily combine features of Windows presentation foundation ( Windows Presentation Foundation) in both new applications and application forms new Windows (Windows forms) exists.

Data management more efficient

Introduction language integrated query (LINQ), and improvements in access to other data allowing software developers can handle the data by using methods consistent programming, implementation access data with surface design and use of new data layers attached to the designs are sometimes connected.

A comprehensive improvement perceived by software development professionals

Visual Studio 2008 for a better overall feel for the software development professionals through a combination of improved product quality significantly, changing the design surface for the most common errors users and simplifies the user's ability to accept the toolset and framework separately.

For new Web comments

In terms of infrastructure to secure, reliable, and can extend the IIS, the software developers can easily create interactive Web applications and efficiently. The seamless integration and friendly programming model of ASP.NET AJAX client side implementation allows a more efficient way to provide users with more convenient web interface.

Improved management of application development cycle (ALM)

ALM provides great support, not only to manage the entire software development cycle, but also important for the interaction with the user and the owner of an IT project business applications.

Development of smart client applications

Visual Studio 2008 provides expert software developers new ways to build smart client applications, in addition to improving the productivity of software development experts. Many customers face the challenge of integrating the smart client applications with their new web-based applications and existing applications via login and personal services. Visual Studio 2008 provides a set of new tools and layers enables simplified integration and enables the simple expert in the management of data storage for disconnected scenarios.

The field of smart client development focus include:

UI integration
By supporting common formats (such as XML) and allows employees to design direct control over the layout, easy controls and the data required by the application user interface (UI), Visual Studio makes the designers integrated into the development process easier. Designers can use tools such as Microsoft Expression Suite friendly to create the user interface and procedure files to the software developers can work directly within Visual Studio. Visual Studio fully supports the collaborative workflow, allowing designers and software developers to manage the job front / back and work in tandem. In addition the expert designers and software developers can also build the component library, the format and design of the overall user interface to easily manage and reuse.

By taking advantage of the advantages of Office 2007 as a development platform, the designers can enhance the look and feel of both Office and SharePoint to create the user interface intuitive and friendly than. Then the software developers can use Visual Studio Tools for Office to create the user interface of their solutions quickly and easily.

Improved ClickOnce application deployment

ClickOnce deployment in Visual Studio 2005 has provided Web like deployment for smart clients. Users can enter a URL and click a link to be able to install the smart client application on their computer. IT professionals can deploy the new version of the application simply by copying a new application to the URL. In Visual Studio 2008 adds ClickOnce support for the Firefox® browser and provides location-independent signing and customer branding. In addition, ClickOnce now supports deployment through a proxy server to allow for evaluation and software development specialist distributor of their applications to many companies from a central location.

Office 2007-style interface support for C ++ applications

Visual Studio 2008 also provides expert software development support to build applications using Microsoft Office 2007-style interface, which includes specific Ribbon Bar, Ribbon Status Bar, and Mini-toolbar.

The service level of client applications

Activate the client application that the software developers to use the same user profile and login services such as their Web applications. This allows customers to use a backend storage methods for the evaluation and personal information without users interested in application modes.

Access data connection occasional

Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET provides an application programming interface (API) to synchronize data between data services and a local data store. Synchronization Services API is modeled after the application programming interface ADO.NET data access and gives you an intuitive way to synchronize data. It makes building applications in the environment do not often connect logically be extended, which can depend on a consistent network connection.

The integrated support for SQL Server ™ 2005 Compact Microsoft® Edition

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition is the next version of SQL Server Mobile is adding the desktop platform. SQL Server Compact expand SQL Server Mobile technology by giving out some pros Vietnam as less maintenance, embedded database and condensed to single client application user, the application is provided for all Windows platforms such as Tablet PC, Pocket PC, smart phones and desktops. As with SQL Server Mobile, SQL Server Compact is completely free, easy to use, and embeddable version of SQL Server 2005 for the development of mobile and desktop applications.

Leverage SOA and WCF in mobile applications

The software developers can build a client application of mobile working environments incomplete connection. Applications can send and receive data from the server, even device disconnects or roams. By providing the logic to solve the problems of storage and the ability to address and expert software developers can focus on the mobile application functionality and not worry about these factors, the to connect other storage models required.

Create Microsoft Office applications

Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) is now fully integrated within Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition. The software developers can easily target to more than 500 million Microsoft Office users while using skills to tame the same code they have developed for writing Microsoft Windows applications or applications ASP.NET application. Visual Studio enables software developers can customize Word, Excel®, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio®, InfoPath®, and Project to improve user productivity and take advantage of improvements in the 2007 Office system Microsoft. Visual Studio 2008 enables software developers perform tasks such as:
Eyeing the spread of the Microsoft Office 2007 system

The software developers can use the tools in Visual Studio to generate managed code option document level and application-level behind the application of the 2007 Office system quickly and easily. Design a virtual member of the Visual Studio attached to the user interface features of Office 2007 gives software developers the RAD development experience and allow them to distribute applications based interface Office high quality.

To build applications targeting Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Visual Studio simplifies the task of building and debugging of SharePoint Workflow projects, besides also allows developers to build applications that provide easy access to the archive data back-end data and data from enterprise systems such as SAP, CRM and ERP. Web components built for SharePoint can easily be used in other applications.

Development of workflow solutions based on Microsoft's Office UI

Easily combine the key components of the Microsoft Office UI, specifically include the Fluent Ribbon, Custom Task Pane, SharePoint Services Workflow solutions integrated in Visual Studio. The software developers can create applications that use Microsoft Office to manage the entire process and the analysis, design data across the enterprise, combined with the services of SharePoint workflows to manage the demands of work.

Applications deployed easily and securely

The software developers can easily use and security model for applications that will be compatible with future versions of Visual Studio and Office. With full support for ClickOnce deployment of all the options and Office applications, development experts and administrators now have more tools and framework has the power to easily deploy and maintain their Office solutions. This greatly simplifies the process of creating and deploying a new solution based on the 2007 Office system.

Build Windows Vista applications

With Visual Studio 2008, software developers can easily enhance the technology platform for many new and interesting applications for their clients. Visual Studio allows customers to easily incorporate the new features in Windows Presentation Foundation Windows Forms applications existing and new applications.

The software developers can also move their applications to the look and feel of Windows Vista with enhanced ease of MFC and Visual C ++ ®.

Visual Studio provides expert software development improvements such as:
Activate Windows application structure experienced

Visual Studio provides tools that allow professionals to build applications quickly and experienced easily. These tools include a designer and XAML editor, project templates and debugging support, deployment support, ...

Easily add the feel and look of Windows Vista for the native C ++ application.

The software developers can use Visual Studio to build applications that exhibit shape and feel of Windows Vista, the new advantage of over 8000 APIs available in Windows Vista. The number of features for the feel and look of Windows Vista is available simply by editing the MFC application. Deeper integration requires a lot of work to write code and design professionals in the development of software is also simplified with the integrated support of Visual Studio for Windows Vista API's available.

Supports the Office 2007 user interface to the native C ++ application.

Visual Studio 2008 also provides expert software development support in the development of applications of the type used to create the user interface of Microsoft Office 2007, the Ribbon Bar specifically include, Ribbon Status Bar and mini-toolbar.

Increased collaboration between the code and the code naturally tame

Visual Studio enables professionals to more easily build applications using both native code and code are tame, and also provides an improvement in the ability to collaborate. Experts software development in C ++ can access the new library to simplify the transmission of data across the boundary STL / CLR naturally - was tame in expanding Standard Template Library (STL) in the code overpower.

Data management more efficient

Visual Studio 2008 significantly improves data management experts mem.Theo traditional developers, experts have different data processing depends on where the data resides and how the user connects with it. With the guidance of integrated access language (LINQ) and improved access to data, professionals can manage data using a consistent method of programming and implementation of the data access with the surface design of new data. ADO.NET integrates with LINQ and supports a connection designs intermittently to simplify the task of developing the types of tasks that application.

These new features include:
Programming models and experiences designed around the language unified access / data.

LINQ equipped to reduce the complexity for IT professionals and help them increase productivity at work through a set of extensions to the C # and Visual Basic programming languages ​​as well as the Microsoft.NET Framework, these components allow access integrated consulting for objects, databases and XML data. Using LINQ, developers can write queries natively in C # or Visual Basic without having to use other languages ​​like SQL and XPath.

Simplify data structure for the website with LINQ to SQL

With the support of the combined deep query language to integrate .NET (LINQ to SQL) inside the Web application ASP.NET, Visual Studio creates up data creation for websites, making them up more productive and more efficient. Experts can use familiar programming semantics to access all data sources in the consolidated manner.

For the new Web experience

Microsoft gives organizations a powerful platform and through from start to finish in the formulation, organization and display of applications on the Web. In addition to the infrastructure elements of security, reliability and possible extension of IIS, developers can easily create Web applications with highly interactive, fast response and efficient client-side execution by using the integrated uninterrupted and friendly programming model of ASP.NET AJAX along with expanded and enhanced Internet Explorer browser.

The software development team-related Web can collaborate more effectively and obtain faster results by integrating the design and drafting tools advanced new Expression Workflow their development, by integrating many functions of the Windows Live services in the solution.

Visual Studio enable creativity for new Web experiences by empowering professionals and Web developers to simplify the development of Web. Visual Studio 2008 gives professionals the tools they need to build next-generation Web faster, more efficiently and easily than ever before:
Allow expert software development Web programming Web interfaces user interaction "AJAX-style"

Visual Studio provides developers all the tools and framework support required to create compelling Web applications, more meaningful and allow AJAX. The developers can take advantage of the rich client, the server, the framework for building Web applications to focus more on the client side and still integrate with any data provider back -end, works with any browser and full access to ASP.NET application services and the Microsoft platform.

Design and implementation of Web services

As the concept of Web services related draws, Visual Studio will allow developers to configure service endpoints, using the same tools and code regardless of protocol (HTTP, TCP / IP), what used to transmit messages and test the service without code. Experts and partners can extend the base protocol for managing any definition for Web services.

Easy to use Windows Communication Foundation services (WCF)

Experts can use RAD tools to quickly and easily create client connections and proxies to existing services to create, test them without having to write code. In addition, the software developers can use the same technology and tools for the WCF service though they have been placed in guarantees.

Enforcement services with integrated workflow design

Visual Studio enables software developers rewrite the entire behavior of services with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) to visualize, create, edit, and debug workflow tasks and dependencies .

Experience with the software development professionals

Visual Studio 2008 builds on the improved productivity and the experience that the experts had in Visual Studio 2005. The development process used to create a Visual Studio 2008 features a separate focus for quality finally through the entire development process. This method significantly increases the quality of the entire product. In addition, the entire experience of software development professionals with Visual Studio 2008 is improved through the ability of Visual Studio to build and target all platforms that experts are used in the their projects last few years. This is for the software development team accepts Visual Studio 2008 without the need for costly IT in implementing the components of the new framework.

Experience of software development professionals:
Built with Visual Studio 2008 with the goal of different .NET Framework platforms

With Visual Studio, the software developers can use a set of tools and the desired target platform without any restrictions nao.Nhung improved design templates for Windows (Windows Forms)

Windows Forms continue to give the experts more features and functionality needed to build line of business applications in an attractive way. With Visual Studio 2008 design-time experience for Windows Forms UI component development and continuous improvement. Improvements in the performance of designers allow developers increase productivity when building Windows Forms applications. In addition, the simplicity of the design-time error list provides expert information more useful feedback and the ability to ignore and continue, which makes them easier in the whole task develop.

Improve product quality

Continue to focus on improving product quality, the fundamental change in the way Microsoft built tools for developers has allowed Microsoft launched a high-quality tool with the ability to protect make the significant investment compared to all previous versions.

To leverage existing investments UI

Visual Studio not only provides new designers for building next-generation applications, but also the next to make it easy for professionals in the expansion of existing applications to deliver the products people using high quality. The advanced design of the existing Windows Forms designer enable task-oriented in creating applications using Windows Forms, .NET Framework 3.0, and XAML in one application. This problem specifically involves providing design-time experience to use this content in Windows Presentation Foundation Windows Forms applications exist by allowing virtual set design and layout of the Windows Forms see new content in relation to the other controls on the form. This capability also allows internal dungWindows Forms are replaced on a new application built on Windows Presentation Foundation.

Improved process management application development cycle (ALM)

In Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft is continuing to invest in technology leading Visual Studio Team System on the market. Visual Studio 2008 provides great support not only for managing the entire software development cycle, but also to interact with users and manage enterprise applications. In addition, it is designed to extend the collaborative benefits of Visual Studio Team System to more roles on every project.

By focusing on the customer's needs, from specialist independent software developers the smallest to the largest corporate clients, Visual Studio 2008 will be the delivery of quality solutions are simple effortlessly without attention to the size of each project or software development team.

The new features in this release include:
Database integration professional in the software development cycle

The creation of the database performed offline and the database projects brings the database professional into the software development cycle. Visual Studio 2008 provides a complete set of tools for source control, testing and test data creation, and deployment solutions include diff / merge visual and create deployment scenarios.

Expand the capabilities of Visual Studio Unit tests

The test block is one of the potentially greatest needs are incorporated in Visual Studio. This release expand its capabilities, improve performance, and its range: the block check out faster when they are executed from the IDE or from the command line; check the inheritance allows users to reuse the method has previously; the improved usability allows users to execute checks directly from its definition; Unit tests are now available to all users of Visual Studio Professional version and can also be used to test mobile applications.

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