Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Full Key

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Remote Desktop Manager is a solution to manage remote computers powerful and useful for Windows users. It has been recognized and trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide.
Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Full Key
Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

Previously, users often difficult to manage all remote connections and hundreds of your different passwords. Additionally, system administrators and IT professionals often have to use multiple spreadsheets and documents to track everything that is happening on your computer. This is an unsafe and inefficient to manage their networks.
Remote Desktop Manager now allows users to centralize all remote connections, passwords and login information as well as other settings in a secure database and is encrypted. Thus, they can share information with your team by identifying priority groups of users. Besides, it integrates more than 160 different technologies, such as RDP, VPN, Putty, VNC, SSH, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, Web, DameWare, FTP, SFTP, PC Anywhere and more.
Moreover, users can choose a password storage on their own manager or choose between multiple solutions to manage different passwords: KeePass, LastPass, 1Password, Passwordstate, Secret Server, etc.
Some key features:

Remote connections

The type of remote connection

Remote Desktop Manager integrates multiple tools and protocols, such as:

Microsoft Remote Desktop
Microsoft Remote Assistance

Match type built

SSH tunnel / Telnet / SSH Shell / FTP / SFTP
Internet Explorer integration

Manage VPN connections

This software supports many types of VPN, such as: Microsoft VPN, Cisco VPN, VPN and TheGreenBow VPN SonicWall. In addition, there is OpenVPN, VPN and many other Shrewsoft compatible with IPSec. They can be downloaded and installed in just a few seconds. Additionally, VPN, SSL or SSH tunnel can also be automatically opened before establishing a remote connection and configuration is used between the sessions and shared by users.
The list of add-ons available

Java Web Start
NX Client
Secure CRT
SonicWall NetExtender
Azure Storage Explorer
Import Filezilla
FortiClient VPN / SSL
MySQL Tools
And more

Enter the session from other applications

Remote Desktop Manager will allow you to easily import the session from any management tool remote connection they use. Some tools are also supported by default. Additionally, you can install one of the many free add-on to add support
Applications supported include:

Boztech VNCScan
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager
Visionapp Remote Desktop

Stored credentials

Remote Desktop Manager simplifies the management process connectivity by allowing automatic login for multiple types of sessions, including:

Remote Desktop (RDP)
Citrix (ICA / HDX)

You can also save the information in a database or in an external app. Moreover, in order to establish a secure login process, these parameters can be limited or completely hidden before employees.
Password Management

Manager integrates many existing password

Users that store usernames and their passwords in other tools, you can make use password management functions are integrated in the Remote Desktop Manager. Thus, you will get the security options and the flexibility to automatically login.
Integrated web browser

Automatically completing web forms
Support for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox

Enter the password from multiple applications

You are using a password management tool? No need to worry, you can easily enter your personal information. Now the program supports a range of tools following password:

Aurora Password Manager
Password Depot
AES Password Manager
Data Vault
Password Agent
Password Safe

Arrange the document and information management

Sort sensitive information

You can organize and store all your sensitive data securely while granting access to a certain number of users. These data include user names and passwords, credit card information, banking information, software licenses, email accounts, and so on.
Integrated report viewer data

Now you do not have to waste time in order to extract information from the database anymore because Data Report Viewer will allow quick data export.
Browse files in the cloud whenever

You can add, edit or share your content in the cloud through the Cloud Explorer type integrated session. It supports: Amazon S3, DropBox, Microsoft Skydrive and Microsoft Azure Storage.
Manage contacts

Arrange personal contacts or business
Linking contacts with your existing items
VCF or import contacts Outlook

Manage a list of things to do

Task list management
Assign each task to the user
Set the status of tasks
Filter and search for task list

Strengthening security

Security management

Improved data source will contain an interface to help users manage security permissions. They can set up Remote Desktop Manager to restrict partial or complete access to a specific session.
By applying security policies, Remote Desktop Manager will ensure that access to sensitive data will be limited and safe.
Version Tracking

Keep and track all changes
Comparing two versions of an entry
Remove items older entry
Restore deleted items

Managing information in the computer

Take advantage of the power and the convenience of using several parameters such as user names, domain names, passwords, etc. to override the default values ​​in the data source and instead delay settings on the local computer.
Provides online backup services

This service will allow you to automatically save your session storage space in a secure online and restore them in case of a problem. Additionally, this service is relatively simple, reliable and cost-effective to help you avoid losing all data and settings by mistake or important equipment damage.
Equipped with multiple management tools

Integration of virtual control panel

The Hyper-V console, Terminal Server, Citrix XenServer and VMware integration will give you a quick look at the status of the machine and allows the implementation of management tasks such as turn off, restart, or pause machine.
In addition, it also supports RDP and preview program through thumbnails.
Support the panel based on the cloud follows:

Amazon EC2 Console
Microsoft Azure Console
Microsoft Azure Table Storage

Supports Intel AMT

This software provides the Intel AMT features, thus allowing you to access the control panel remotely even if the computer is off.
Support macro / script / tool

New management tools are integrated will allow you to run several commands, actions or scripts for a workstation or via the command line, Power Shell, PSExec and WMI. Also, now you can also configure a template to start a remote session by combining several parameters and configuration from the original template.
Sort and manage user interface

Powerful user interface and flexible

Customizable user interface
Support ribbon interface
Support tree list with columns (servers, description, username)
Set the color for tabs

Quick access via the context menu icon is defined in the system tray

Convenient to use the context menu to:

Access and manage your connections
Viewed open session
Change the data source is active
Use quick connection
Access the computer tools such as a command prompt, registry editor, supervising operations, remote shutdown, etc.

Group and sort list of items entry

To facilitate you to manage a simple way, Remote Desktop Manager allows arranging sessions in groups or folders. Thus, you can easily view all sessions in the selected folder and look for a specific group using search filters.
In addition, you are allowed to move their group and session through drag and drop feature. You are also right to open several sessions at once by selecting a group.
Creating and using templates

Remote Desktop Manager provides a tool to create and share templates quickly. A template typically contains much information that can be reused in applications to simplify data management processes.
The templates can be used to:

Add a quick connection type from the list
Add a new session in the data source with the settings pre-installed
Enter multiple sessions from wizards or list with default values

Rearrange database easily

Over time, the content of data sources can be rapidly increased to a level that you need to make the appropriate arrangements to avoid clutter.
Through a series of editing functions built in Remote Desktop Manager, all changes will be done in seconds. This simple app will prompt you to change several settings at once. This method is faster than having to change each session one. In addition, it also improves the quality and accuracy across multiple different sessions.

Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise

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