BB FlashBack Pro 5.4.0 Portable Full Download

BB FlashBack Pro is an application that helps you create tutorials or training materials by recording features of its screen. Tools back operations on a movie screen.
BB FlashBack Pro 5.4.0 Portable Full Download
BB FlashBack Pro 5.4.0 Portable Full Download
BB FlashBack Pro 5.4.0 Portable Full Download

Easy to use screen capture and recording audio

This tool is used to record the operation is active on a movie screen would be very useful for guiding the students to use the computer, the distance learning program. This type of software has a lot on the market, but the drawback of most recording software often manipulate step slow motion. To overcome such drawbacks, BB FlashBack has software Express

This software is easy to use, just few clicks, I had a movie in minutes.

The strength of the program:

- In addition to the record and move into a film, it is also possible to insert audio files, text box, on the video, it can undercut the frame and remove faulty clips.
Can be converted into the format: AVI, FLASH, EXE.

- Results generated sharp footage, obviously, does not affect the working of the machine. In addition, the program also allows predetermined quality parameter files and compressed files to be turned.

The interface consists of two main parts:

BB FlashBack Recorder 1: Record your desktop activities. First, click on the icon.

At that time, an icon appears in the system tray (Systray). Right-click the icon and select Record. To end the collection, click Stop.
Note: Prior to recording, so right-click the icon in the Systray, select Options ... to change the optimal collection regime as follows:


- Select the Compatibility mode to the number of frames per second and to the option is Capture driver, filming does not affect the processing speed of the machine. This is a new feature film that other programs do not have.

Movie compression levels: Level obtained compressed file.

Enable Sound Recording: audio obtained on the desktop.

Files size:
Limit by time: The time before filming.
Limit by size: To limit the maximum file size is how much spin MB.

BB FlashBack Player 2:
This is a tool to view and edit the files after shooting. Click the icon to open the program.

- Open the file has just obtained.
- To edit the file, pop up toolbar by going to the File menu \ Edit Mode, the toolbar will appear in the window.
- With these tools, can shoot a film and editing, integrating images notes easily.
- Also, can easily be exported into files: AVI, FLASH, EXE by clicking on the tool icon.
The custom file compression tool compact film production without sacrificing quality, making them easier to deliver by E-mail or internet download. 

BB FlashBack Express movies have a wide range of applications including: staff training, producing guidelines for computer tasks and demonstrate software products to potential customers.

Here are some key features of "BB FlashBack Express":

· Recording
Record and playback your screen film
· Performance recording technology rich Flashback
Record sounds through the microphone
• Capture all sounds played by PC
Automatically set Windows graphic effects for best file size and performance
· A variety of recording modes, to get the best performance from the old and new computers
Automatically change the screen resolution while recording
· Hide the icon that looks while recording
· Keystroke log
· Control Hotkey
Record continuously and save only last a few minutes
· Review
· Thumbnail preview for easy navigation
· Playback at 1/2, 1/4, 2x or 4x speed
· Search through movie for text
· Media Player style controls and navigation
• Zoom function
· Send email movies
· Display Keypad
· Export
· Export to Adobe Flash
· Export to AVI
· Standalone EXE Export to
· Export to WMV
· Export to MS PowerPoint
· Controlling the export file size and quality
· Selection AVI codec for export
· Media Player style controls embedded in the exported Flash
· Scope of playback controls designed for Flash movies
· Create / edit HTML templates for web-ready film
· MS PowerPoint plugin and support
Set custom frame rates
Export audio to MP3


· DirectX 7.0 or later required to view movie
· QuickTime required for export to QuickTime format
· Windows Media Player 9 or newer required for export to WMV format
· Microsoft Office 2000 or newer, including Powerpoint required for export to Powerpoint format
• 500Mhz required, 1Ghz recommended
· Memory: 256Mb required, recommended 512Mb
Monitor: Minimum 800x600
• Video Card: 8Mb memory required, 64MB recommended
· Optional: Webcams

System: XP / Vista / 7/8
Language: English
Size: 30 MB

BB FlashBack Pro 5.4.0 Portable Full Download Link:

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