Alien Skin Image Doctor v2.1.1.1116 Full Crack Download

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You want to edit the image as beautiful as the original or a professional digital camera it?  
That is why everyone loves Image Doctor 2 , powerful plug-in for Photoshop® software Alien Skin . Unique algorithm of Image Doctor can help make your photos become trash bin excellent and saves you hours of work with Photoshop to edit it.

Restore old photos * 

With Image Doctor, restoring old photos is a breeze quickly and easily. Roadblock scratches or torn areas and Image Doctor heals it.

Download Alien Skin Image Doctor v2.1.1.1116 full crack
Download Alien Skin Image Doctor v2.1.1.1116 full crack
New photos adorn

* Regardless of moles, tattoos, scars or other defects, Image Doctor easily embellish photos quickly and easily. You can also soften skin with just one click of the mouse. 

Eliminate redundant objects

* Powerful Smart Fill feature of Image Doctor removes unwanted objects from photos larger, as the garbage in the background and new unwanted guests from party photos. Smart Fill can automatically replace these areas with the surrounding landscape form an intelligent, or the user can also specify the location of the background samples. 

Edit low-quality JPEG images

* Use a JPEG Repair of image Doctor to repair areas and ragged edges in over-compressed JPEG images. Select an area for repair or use it on your entire photo. 

Who uses Image Doctor

* Image Doctor users include both professional photographers and amateurs, photo editors, service bureau professionals, home design graphic and web design. Anyone who needs to remove or replace unwanted photographic details will enjoy the power of software indispensable Image Doctor . 

Image Doctor harmonious and subject areas surrounding eliminated. The app enables photo editors to edit the photos lack a clear layout with just a few mouse clicks. The service professionals, web designers and people who have hobbies image correction can be restored and recycled compressed JPEG images, including phone photos. The portrait photographers can use Image Doctor as digital makeup, removing pimples, moles, scars and tattoos with just 1 click. Photographers can then soften skin areas where these blemishes on the skin of the oil patch. Hobbyists and professionals can use Image Doctor to restore old photos by removing the dust and scratches.

Manual 1 of the imaging features of the doctor:

Step 1: Fuzzy image processing needed scratching, select the tool Brush or Pencil (B) . 

manual Alien Skin Image Doctor

Step 2: Press Q to select the Edit in Quick Mask Mode .

Comprehensive image restoration plugin

Then paint over the spot drawing dust, scratches, stains and other defects.

Comprehensive image restoration plugin

Step 3: Press Q again to disable the Quick Mask . At this point there will be a marquee outside the place was painted bowl in mode Quick Mask .

plugin Alien Skin Image Doctor

Step 4: Choose Select> Inverse ( Shift + Ctrl + I )

image processing from scratches

Bước 5: Chọn menu Filter > Alien Skin Image Doctor 2 > Dust and Scratch Remover…

guided by plugin photoshop photo restoration

Then wait to once again

guided by plugin photoshop photo restoration

Pictures are treated with Alien Skin Image Doctor 2.1.1 Finally, you should copy tools like Photoshop's Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush ... to perfect your images.

Alien Skin Image Doctor v2.1.1.1116 full patch

Download Alien Skin Image Doctor v2.1.1.1116 full



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