Picasa 3.9 For Windows Free Download

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 Picasa 3.9 For Windows  Free Download
 Picasa 3.9 For Windows  Free Download
 Picasa 3.9 For Windows  Free Download

Picasa is a free Google products, as software viewing, processing, sharing (web, email and print) and managing image files superior and convenient. Picasa with technical search and Google's index, the digital photo of you scattered in your computer easier to manage and share. Moreover totally free.

Download Picasa 3.9 Build 137 114 Full Free

Outline features:

- View Photos: browse and view images as thumbnails, and more ... like the photo browser.

- Handling: You can edit images, brightness, .... specifically allows renaming files range, creating a screen saver, color effects ...

- Sharing: This is perhaps the outstanding feature of Picasa today. Users can print out, email, posted on his blog on Blogger.com quickly. Besides feature gives an additional feature Blogger.com Web album! Upload to Picasa Web Albums easy or done from the Web.

- Management: Monday salient features of Picasa. Picasa automatically finds all your image files and put into centrally managed in Picasa. From here, you will understand completely what your image files in the machine and manage them in real time and folders. In addition, corresponding to each image file, Picasa also allows us to enter a keyword to easily find and caption to place notes. For each folder containing the images you can enter Description. Especially the album can be created to manage the pictures are scattered around the computer in a centralized way.

 Picasa 3.9 For Windows  Free Download Link

Link File.SvIT => http://file.svit.vn/4659105a

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